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About Us

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust delivers community-based healthcare services to the 1.1 million residents of Birmingham and specialist services to 5.5 million people within the wider West Midlands region. 

We are one of the largest dedicated providers of NHS community services in the country, with an annual turnover of £328 million. We employ more than 4,500 whole time equivalent staff to deliver the wide range of services we provide, and we operate from over 300 sites across Birmingham and the West Midlands. 

We care for people throughout their lives from the new-born and their families to the frail elderly and their carers. Our services are diverse; from health lifestyle services that keep people feeling well to the most complex healthcare for those with highly specialist needs. We provide care in people’s homes and also in clinics and inpatient units across the city. We deliver all of this with a commitment to integrated, personalised care that is rooted in our local communities. 

Our services are divided into five clinical divisions: 

  • Adult community services, including community nursing and therapy services 
  • Adult specialist and rehabilitation services, including inpatient intermediate care services, prison healthcare and specialist regional rehabilitation services 
  • Children and families providing universal and specialist community children’s services 
  • Learning disabilities providing learning disability services for adults; 
  • Dental including community dental services and the Birmingham Dental Hospital. 

The Trust is rated as “Requires Improvement” by the CQC, however we are rated as “Good” or “Outstanding” in 30 of our 36 services, and we are proud to be rated as “Outstanding” for caring. We have put significant effort into working with our wider partners in the region to drive improvements to our services, especially in our children and young people’s services, which have seen a marked improvement.

Integrated Care Systems

We are a part of Birmingham Solihull ICS and Black Country and West Birmingham ICS.

Follow this link to learn more about Integrated Care Systems