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Vision Values and Strategy

We have a vision, values and a strategy to set out what matters most to us as a specialist provider of community healthcare, and to equip us to meet the needs of all the communities we serve. Working with our 4,500 colleagues in the largest engagement exercise we have ever conducted, we have set out a common vision, underpinned by a set of shared values and strategic objectives that will drive our work going forwards.

Our Vision

Our vision can be summed up as “Best Care: Healthy Communities”. The Trust exists to provide the Best Care possible to support the people who use our services, many of whom are among the most vulnerable in our society, to live well in Healthy Communities.

This vision is rooted in the communities we serve and in approach to service delivery based on Birmingham’s five localities of approximately 250,000 people and neighborhoods of approximately 50,000 people. It commits us to working closely with our local partners to do this successfully. It also recognises the importance of the services we deliver on a Black Country and wider regional footprint to the future successes of the Trust.

BCHC is a partner within both the Birmingham and Solihull (BSol) Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) and the Black Country and West Birmingham STP (BCWB). The NHS Long Term Plan confirmed that all parts of England would be served by an integrated care system or ICS from April 2021. Both BSol and BCWB STP have been approved to become ICSs by NHS England and Improvement and so were formally established on 1 April 2021. NHS England and NHS Improvement has asked the Government and Parliament to establish ICSs in law and to remove legal barriers to integrated care for patients and communities. Both ICSs are working with the populations they serve to develop their priorities for the future as well as the governance and financial frameworks that will underpin decision making.

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Our Values

Our values were developed through an extensive colleague-led engagement process during 2018. Our values guide all our actions, the decisions we make and the way that we behave as we seek to deliver our vision and our leadership behaviours.

Our Strategic Objectives 

Based on our “Best Care: Healthy Communities” vision, our strategy for 2018-2022, is to deliver high quality, holistic community health services, across our local ICS footprints and the wider West Midlands. 

Agreed by the Trust Board in October 2018, our strategy sets out four strategic objectives that describe the big things we need to achieve to bring our vision to life:

  • Delivering safe, high quality care - working with the people we care for, their families and our partners to deliver the best possible outcomes and experience. 
  • Creating a great place to work - creating a great place to work and learn, enabling our colleagues to be the best that they can be. 
  • Providing integrated care in communities - working with our partners across the NHS, mental health, primary care, local government, social care, and the voluntary sector to support people to live healthily in their communities. 
  • Making good use of resources - getting the best from our people, technology, information, estates and money. 

We also agreed key milestones that act as a series of stepping stones to get us to where we need to be by 2022 - the year in which Birmingham will be in the international spotlight as host of the Commonwealth Games. These key milestones form our ‘Fit for 2022 Improvement Programme’ and are closely monitored within the organisation. The Fit for 2022 Improvement Programme includes actions to progress our four strategic objectives and responds to external reviews and recommendations such as the Equality Diversity and Human Rights Independent Review (2018), the Well-Led Independent Review (2018 and 2019) and the CQC Inspection (2018, 2019 and 2020).

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